Birthday on 13.

I felt obligated to write something today since it’s not only the site’s birthday, but it’s Friday 13th, too, like it was when I first went online here. Most of you will probably have figured that things are running like crap at my end by the lack of posts, but I won’t bother you with that. Instead I’ll show you something I did manage to make – as long as I’m already writing.

BurningTreePrint    DruidsPrint

These are two linoleum cuts based on aquarelle postcards I made some years back. They, too are postcard-sized and have an edition of 50 copies each. If you are interested in buying one they’re 15€ including free worldwide shipping. Each print, of course, is numbered and signed by me. Send me an E-Mail if you want one.


Greetings! As you already know things were kind of rough on my end lately. You might have noticed a lack of posts. That’s because as a bullshit-bonus my Computer broke. I’m writing this on my phone since I couldn’t afford a replacement yet. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’m still here. I appreciate how many of you bought my shirts this year (especially before christmas) and want to thank all of you who keep visiting here. Bid farewell to a year that began great and ended … well … enogh said. Let’s see what 2015 brings. See you soon!






For the first time I’m putting one of my poems up:

When life knocks you down and the days that you spend                                                   Seem to last an eternity – visit a friend                                                                                   You’ll drink and you’ll talk and you’ll laugh and you’ll play                                                      And see every eternity lasts just one day

This is for my friends K and R. You know who you are…

Oh crap.

It’s been a while since I posted here and I don’t know why I keep falling into that “summer hole” every year. The reason I haven’t restarted posting again earlier is that quite frankly things are running like shit right now. Those who know me know that’s kind of unusual for me. I tend to keep my spirits up through basically anything, just because I firmly believe that nothing is really all that bad as long as I’m able to laugh about it, but lately I’ve been in kind of in a bad mood. How bad it is is illustrated by me missing to update even for the 5th site anniversary last thursday. Anyway, I decided I had to do something about it and at least started snapping pictures again.


Talking of pictures: I think I can safely say the “daily picture” failed. Not only did it stop being updated some time in august, it also failed on a visitor-experience level. I found that people would not check back more often, but instead actually miss new posts, because they’d have to scroll down to see them. I’d say we try this again in a slightly different  manor: I’ll try to post updates on my current foto-tours with a few words and a little gallery whenever I got something. Hope to see you here again soon!

By the way: There are a few new shirts in the shop…

It says "wall"

It says “wall”


I already told you that I was planning to do some video stuff. I experimented a lot and have now two short projects in the making (well, in two weeks when my duties regarding the University are through anyway). In addition to that I did a lot of research regarding independent movie making and read a book I wanted to read for quite a while now: “MakeYour Own Damn Movie” by Lloyd Kaufman. While I don’t think most of what he writes is particularly good advice, I recommend this book for anyone who is even remotely interested in making movies (and can stomach the gross details). The guy is hilarious and if nothing else it will definitely prepare you for what idiots you’re going to have to work with if you’re not willing to pay for your crew and actors. If you’re not quite sure if that’s for you, I suggest you head over to Troma on Youtube where they made some of their movies available for free. I say watch one of the behind the scenes documentarys like “Poultry in Motion” or “Farts of Darkness” and see what kind of weirdos an independent movie production can attract…

Lost connection

I’m sorry you didn’t get to see new daily pictures for the last few days but I had some problems with my internet connection. In the meantime I got some more writing done and started yet another new project. I’ll be sure to keep you informed when things get done around here :)



That’s all for now.


In the last weeks I helped with the creation of two websites my friends came up with, so obviously I want you to have a look. They’re both in german language.     is for all of you who always wanted to learn how to play the saxophone. I also got a shirt with the HowToSax logo in my shop.     is all about choleric entertainment. You know, because the world sucks. Especially people :)

Have fun, guys!

Hawaii Madness

I’ve been kinda busy lately. You might have noticed, since there has not been a whole lot of posts. I tried to cover the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here on the site but it was seriously the lamest parade I’ve ever seen. The internet told me it was the biggest parade of its kind in continental Europe. If that’s the case then I pity the poor Irish that live in continental Europe.

Anyway, I’m still busy but now in a much more positive way. I’m drawing and writing like crazy, but since the past has tought me that my projects tend to have a radical decline in progress whenever I start telling people about them I will stop for now and leave you with this teaser picture.


See you soon!