Adventure Painting

I can’t think of a single abstract painting I like. It’s just not my thing. But yesterday I had a friend over for dinner and he asked me if I had paint and canvas because he’d like to do some impromptu cooperative abstract painting. We did that and I must admit, although I still don’t like it in a way that I would hang it on my wall, it was incredibly fun to paint and I think it looks like it. I’m definitely looking forward to doing some coop-action again some time.

Coop Painting

It has no title (yet?) is 100×70 cm and if you like it you’re in luck because we will put it up on ebay some time next week. You’ll be notified here when we do…


Sorry to disappoint, but I got a chance to sell the Painting to someone I know without having to go through the trouble of shipping something with these dimensions. Don’t worry, I talked to my colaborator and it seems another piece is just around the corner 😉