For once I make good on one of the promises given here on the page 😉

I did take a few more “alcoromantic” pictures this weekend – one in particular that I like.


A friend of mine is a member of a fraternity and we attended the semester-ex party. It went as one would expect.

I also kept thinking about the whole “alcoromance”-thing. This one stupid word I made up for the last post really captures the feel I get about a certain kind of slightly drunk condition I sometimes find myself in, which I try to convey with these images. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I sometimes like the soft melancholy one gets after a little beer or wine. The slight feeling of loneliness even though you have company. If you don’t get it from my pictures try looking at “L’Absinthe” by Edgar Degas. He did really well at getting this feeling across.

See you soon!