Turtle day

Happy world turtle day, guys!

It’s been a while since I was on here but I was quite busy with my new toy.

Printing press

Yes, I finally got a printing press and i dig the hell out of it! It’s so good to finally be able to produce accurate impressions from my plates. I’m finally able to do drypoint, too! This turtle is one of the first prints I made on this press and I felt today would be the perfect time to show you.


It has an edition of 25 and the print is roughly 21 x 30 cm. There are still some available, so contact me if you want one. They’re 80€ each.

Later this week I’m going back to my roots and visit the “Comic Salon” in Erlangen. Hopefully I’ll get a few nice fotos for you.

Birthday on 13.

I felt obligated to write something today since it’s not only the site’s birthday, but it’s Friday 13th, too, like it was when I first went online here. Most of you will probably have figured that things are running like crap at my end by the lack of posts, but I won’t bother you with that. Instead I’ll show you something I did manage to make – as long as I’m already writing.

BurningTreePrint    DruidsPrint

These are two linoleum cuts based on aquarelle postcards I made some years back. They, too are postcard-sized and have an edition of 50 copies each. If you are interested in buying one they’re 15€ including free worldwide shipping. Each print, of course, is numbered and signed by me. Send me an E-Mail if you want one.

Adventure Painting

I can’t think of a single abstract painting I like. It’s just not my thing. But yesterday I had a friend over for dinner and he asked me if I had paint and canvas because he’d like to do some impromptu cooperative abstract painting. We did that and I must admit, although I still don’t like it in a way that I would hang it on my wall, it was incredibly fun to paint and I think it looks like it. I’m definitely looking forward to doing some coop-action again some time.

Coop Painting

It has no title (yet?) is 100×70 cm and if you like it you’re in luck because we will put it up on ebay some time next week. You’ll be notified here when we do…


Sorry to disappoint, but I got a chance to sell the Painting to someone I know without having to go through the trouble of shipping something with these dimensions. Don’t worry, I talked to my colaborator and it seems another piece is just around the corner 😉

Count Orlok

I assume you wonder what this picture is about.

Well, if you know anything about me you could probably guess that I’m a huge fan of the original 1922 “Nosferatu” by F.W.Murnau. If you have not seen it yet shame on you! Since it is old enough to be in the public domain you have absolutely no excuse for not having seen it. You can legaly download it right here for example and watch it NOW. And you should!

Anyway, the picture above is based on a scene from said movie which I put here in this animated gif for convenience:

I always thought it was hilarious how Count Orlok carries his coffin with just the right arm, lightly skipping through town. So now you know what the first shadow is about. The second one does not have much of a backstory. I simply thought it would be funny to see Orlok going to the beach the same way. With a surfboard.

The third would be quite difficult to explain, so for now let’s just say there has been a joke for some time now that involves me stealing a rather large microwave oven. Those of you who follow the site since it was still a webcomic might remember this:

I hope I’ll have the time to explain it to you next time, but now I have to prepare myself for the weekend, since I’m going to meet my Bane  😉


As much as I love my home, I do tend to get sudden attacks of wanderlust quite frequently. Since I can not afford to travel all the time I can count myself lucky that simply riding a bike or driving a car somewhere does somewhat aid that yern. I like being on the road. In fact I like it so much, that I even started to just hang out on a highway bridge close to my house, listening to my mp3 player watching the cars pass underneath. Looking at the highway makes me think of the Tolkien poem “the road goes ever on and on”. I may watch all these people drive by but never know where the road will take them. It is wonderfully anonymous.

Little Monster

This has been kind of a slow week for the arts, so, just to keep you entertained, I took a foto of this little sculpture I made back when we moved in here. It’s called “the ambitioned little tentacle-monster” and was made from spare parts as you can see.

And if you like it fancy: here’s another angle in mirror-split-3D


Another tree

I already explained my light obsession with burning trees so you’re probably not surprised I painted another one.

I’m gradually getting happier with the results and must say I really like this one. Hopefully so do you since I finally added the “BUY” section which is featuring this beauty. Check it out!

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Well here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure…

Happy new year, people! Too hung over to go outside yet? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s the morning after delivered straight to your screen.

I got up early today to take these pictures and I like them for a couple of reasons. For one I enjoy seeing an otherwise pretty boring town in a little disarray, but mostly I think it’s that at night everyone marveled at the fireworks but now what’s left is just junk waiting to be swept up. One might think that’s a good example for the transience of beauty, but I hope that with my pictures you can still find some beauty in the leftovers.

Click here to get all 55 fotos


Visit your relatives season has come to an end and I’m back where I belong. At my desk with my sketchbook full of ideas. But first a few words about this christmas: The header shows Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle, which some of you might recognize from “Maniac Mansion” and “Day of the Tentacle”. My flatmate had them printed for me (3D printer) and I just had to share them with you since they’re so cool. The foto was taken with my new DSLR. That’s right, I finally got myself a decent camera to work with, so expect to see a lot more fotos in the future.

This one I took during a testrun in Bäumenheim. Nothing too special but I kinda liked it.

I still have some work to do on the homepage. I want to ad a page showing the paintings I want to sell and there will be some more T-Shirts. I hope to get at least some work done by tomorrow so remember to check back soon.

See you next year!