Wash & Dry

I was walking home from the subway station when I saw something I’ve never seen before: People washing at the local laundrette. I had to take a picture with my cellphone. Believe it or not, I didn’t think I’d ever see that. I always had laundrettes as the very picture of a lonely place in my mind and so it was such a Hopper moment for me to see those people that night. Unfortunately my cellphones cam doesn’t work for shit in low light conditions so the picture I took was simply not presentable. That’s why today I dragged two of my buddies out to the laundrette to reenact the scene for you.

You might have noticed the new image in the header. That one is a less successful try to capture something I’ve seen in the past. Years ago I saw a birch tree with red and yellow leaves and dark storm clouds in the background. Above me the sun was shining bright and when the wind shook the tree it looked like it was burning. I’ve been looking to see that again ever since and the picture I show you here is merely a springboard for your imagination.


I already told you that I’m doing a series of typewriter fotos at the moment. I had a certain fondness for typewriters since childhood because my mother used to work with one at home and the mechanic of the typebars just fascinated me. A few years ago I was reminded of that when a friend gave a DVD of David Cronenberg’s “Naked Lunch” to me. My fotos inspired by that film to a certain degree. I also try to show typewriters as living things, as personalities taking influence on their users. I watched the film again two days ago and decided to quickly draw a postcard titled “Greetings from Interzone” to honor it. Sending actual postcards is almost as outdated as using typewriters by now. If you like it, why don’t you print it out and surprise a friend…

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Stories and pictures

I love books. I always wanted to write one but I’m never quite satisfied with my prose writings. It seems I need the construct of verses to write something good. Too bad nobody reads poems anymore. Guess I’ll just keep practising until I finally reach a level of quality in my writing I can live with…

In the meantime I’ve come up with two other ideas to satisfy my urge to produce something I can print and bind in a nice hardcover volume:

1. Illustrating! I’m working on illustrations for my favorite stories and poems which are -lucky for me- most all in the public domain by now, so when I finish one book or perhaps some shorter things from one specific author I might be able to print a few copies for collectors sake. Assuming I can find the money to pull this stunt.

2. Well, … , let me put it like that: Something that does not require my writing to be good. You know what, I’ll simply show you. I should have some preview material ready by the end of next week. We’ll talk about that project then.

Anyway, speaking of illustrations and stuff, yesterday I got to illustrate a short story which I hope I can post here soon. I’ll have to wait for the authors approval though. Until then!

All new and improved!

Greetings, visitor!

Welcome to my new blog. Since the comic thing didn’t work out with me permanently missing my publishing dates and taking time off for other projects I decided that this homepage should be opened to other things than just comics. I will try to share more of my work with you without the forced, scheduled updates of the comic and I even managed to secure the colaboration of a second artist for this site. He’s an excelent musician and writer, but I’m sure he will introduce himself personally to you in the next few days.

For now let me share the full picture of my header.

This is the first in a series of typewriter pictures I’m doing at the moment. More to be released soon…