In the last weeks I helped with the creation of two websites my friends came up with, so obviously I want you to have a look. They’re both in german language.     is for all of you who always wanted to learn how to play the saxophone. I also got a shirt with the HowToSax logo in my shop.     is all about choleric entertainment. You know, because the world sucks. Especially people 🙂

Have fun, guys!

Hawaii Madness

I’ve been kinda busy lately. You might have noticed, since there has not been a whole lot of posts. I tried to cover the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here on the site but it was seriously the lamest parade I’ve ever seen. The internet told me it was the biggest parade of its kind in continental Europe. If that’s the case then I pity the poor Irish that live in continental Europe.

Anyway, I’m still busy but now in a much more positive way. I’m drawing and writing like crazy, but since the past has tought me that my projects tend to have a radical decline in progress whenever I start telling people about them I will stop for now and leave you with this teaser picture.


See you soon!

Store revolution

The new shirts are here! And the bags!

I spent some time with the spreadshirt product palette and decided that people need bags with my stuff on them. Right now I’m looking into some more things I could do but am not quite sure yet. If there’s anything else you’d like my designs on feel free to E-Mail me!


After a short discussion with a friend we decided to add hoodies.

Random fun

I don’t have much to say today, I just wanted to share a few pics of the past two weeks.

I simply couldn't resist

I simply couldn’t resist

Tom found Waldo!

Tom found Waldo!

Since some people didn't notice: My eyes are closed.

Since some people didn’t notice: My eyes are closed.



Forming a Team

I’ve had my new lens for about a week now and due to the great weather I was able to go out shooting almost every day. I hope it stays this way (I told you before how much I hate winter). Saturday I also had the oportunity to have a friend tag along with his camera. I always thought it would be great to do the whole “Back of Munich” thing as a team effort not only because of the additional set of eyes but also the added flexibility and not least the help you can provide each other. It’s wonderful not having to change your lens when you’re out in the field but instead just tell your colleague what to shoot. Also it gives me the chance to appear on some of the pictures. As somebody obsessing over privacy issues I had to think about that hard but I think it’s time you get to see me…


New Lens

Happy new year to you guys! I hope you had holidays as cool as mine 😉

I started off the year by getting a tele-lens to keep you supplied with funny and unusual fotos. The best thing about it is that with every new lens you buy you get a new pair of eyes for free. I took it for a test shooting through the neighbourhood I’ve been living in for three and a half years now and I noticed quite a lot of things I’ve never seen before.

See you soon!



Originally there should have been a christmas card in this post. Why isn’t it? Well…

I hate winter. I hate everything about it. Especially the snow. In the past couple of years it’s actually gotten worse to the point that I don’t even like christmas all that much any more. The only christmas song I can listen to without clenching my fists is “Mele Kalikimaka”. I feel like I’m turning into Ebenezer Scrooge, so I thought I might at least pretend for my audience. I came up with an extremely cliche sweet christmas card to post here. What’s the problem? It’s much too cliche, much too sweet. I can’t bring myself to do it.

There are days when I really disgust myself.

Greetings from "Bandraum"


Today I got a special treat for you. Something that’s really hard to come by these days: Handdrawn animation! A former colleague of mine drew this frame by frame. Enjoy!

Fancy Bike

Yesterday I went to take some more fotos throughout Munich and I must say it was not only a fun trip but also quite successful. One thing in particular fascinated me so much I wanted to share it right away:


I can’t tell for what purpose this bike was modified but I really like the idea of it.