Comic Salon 2016

I was pretty disappointed with this years exhibitions. There seemed to bee a lot of stuff with no substance at all. I don’t think comics necessarily need great drawing or coloring but if you don’t have a compelling story or a great joke to tell, then please have the courtesy to at least show me some cool artwork.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the one exhibition I thoroughly enjoyed and describing it wouldn’t do it justice. At all.

However, I will tell you about two other exhibitions. First up is kind of a strange example: “The Kinky & Cosy Experience”


It was housed in its own container and as the title suggests was not a traditional exhibition. You were allowed in in groups of up to six people and went through four timed “phases”. Here comes the strange part: phases 1 to 3 were interactive and somewhat fun. In phase 4 you get to see the actual Kinky & Cosy cartoon clips and they are outrageously boring. I looked up a few more at home and couldn’t find a single one I liked. I couldn’t believe one could make this “experience” that was actually good enough to create some interest and then deliver so poorly.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was “Fahrradmod”. First of all: good news, there’s a lot of content for you to see right on its official site (german and english). While the story is somewhat repetetive I liked it because to me there are two aspects to it. It is written in a way that it’s easy enough to relate to the main character without having to have been in similar situations. If you read the comic like this it’s a very nostalgic, bitter sweet coming of age story. However if you take a step back and go through it with a little distance to the characters you will realise what a bleak and depressing picture of society it paints. People living only for the weekend,  wanting to join groups who define themselves mostly through clothing only to get any sense of personality at all, simply substituting the anonymous society they were born into with another construct that’s just as meaningless, following the dogma of others in the hope this might somehow give them a character of their own.

I hope this last sentence made sense to you. I’ll stop for now since I feel I’m just rambling at this point.

The good, the bad, …

Hey, guys, it’s time for a round of good news/bad news on the blog!

The good news is I’m on good terms with alcohol again. The bad news is I didn’t need the alcohol to fuck up. Oh well…

Luckily there’s room for one more piece of good news here: I’m already done with the guitar. Everything went pretty much as planned and the kit-guitar actually sounds very decent for the price. I suspect it wasn’t the last one I’ve built. E-Mail me if you want one 😉

But now for the main course: Here’s my Hula Girl SG


If you didn’t already think I must be some kind of beach bum or dirty hippie, this will most likely convince you. I still love it.

“Ey, dude, play some Beach Boys!”


For once I make good on one of the promises given here on the page 😉

I did take a few more “alcoromantic” pictures this weekend – one in particular that I like.


A friend of mine is a member of a fraternity and we attended the semester-ex party. It went as one would expect.

I also kept thinking about the whole “alcoromance”-thing. This one stupid word I made up for the last post really captures the feel I get about a certain kind of slightly drunk condition I sometimes find myself in, which I try to convey with these images. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I sometimes like the soft melancholy one gets after a little beer or wine. The slight feeling of loneliness even though you have company. If you don’t get it from my pictures try looking at “L’Absinthe” by Edgar Degas. He did really well at getting this feeling across.

See you soon!