Oh crap.

It’s been a while since I posted here and I don’t know why I keep falling into that “summer hole” every year. The reason I haven’t restarted posting again earlier is that quite frankly things are running like shit right now. Those who know me know that’s kind of unusual for me. I tend to keep my spirits up through basically anything, just because I firmly believe that nothing is really all that bad as long as I’m able to laugh about it, but lately I’ve been in kind of in a bad mood. How bad it is is illustrated by me missing to update even for the 5th site anniversary last thursday. Anyway, I decided I had to do something about it and at least started snapping pictures again.


Talking of pictures: I think I can safely say the “daily picture” failed. Not only did it stop being updated some time in august, it also failed on a visitor-experience level. I found that people would not check back more often, but instead actually miss new posts, because they’d have to scroll down to see them. I’d say we try this again in a slightly different  manor: I’ll try to post updates on my current foto-tours with a few words and a little gallery whenever I got something. Hope to see you here again soon!

By the way: There are a few new shirts in the shop…

It says "wall"

It says “wall”