New Lens

Happy new year to you guys! I hope you had holidays as cool as mine πŸ˜‰

I started off the year by getting a tele-lens to keep you supplied with funny and unusual fotos. The best thing about it is that with every new lens you buy you get a new pair of eyes for free. I took it for a test shooting through the neighbourhood I’ve been living in for three and a half years now and I noticed quite a lot of things I’ve never seen before.

See you soon!



Originally there should have been a christmas card in this post. Why isn’t it? Well…

I hate winter. I hate everything about it. Especially the snow. In the past couple of years it’s actually gotten worse to the point that I don’t even like christmas all that much any more. The only christmas song I can listen to without clenching my fists is “Mele Kalikimaka”. I feel like I’m turning into Ebenezer Scrooge, so I thought I might at least pretend for my audience. I came up with an extremely cliche sweet christmas card to post here. What’s the problem? It’s much too cliche, much too sweet. I can’t bring myself to do it.

There are days when I really disgust myself.

Greetings from "Bandraum"


Today I got a special treat for you. Something that’s really hard to come by these days: Handdrawn animation! A former colleague of mine drew this frame by frame. Enjoy!

Fancy Bike

Yesterday I went to take some more fotos throughout Munich and I must say it was not only a fun trip but also quite successful. One thing in particular fascinated me so much I wanted to share it right away:


I can’t tell for what purpose this bike was modified but I really like the idea of it.

4th Birthday

Another year older. But this time I have something better than the promisses I used to give on the other birthdays: actual content! Starting tomorrow there will be a daily picture post. Of course it’s fully automatized so I don’t miss the publishing like I would normally πŸ˜‰

So checking back regularly is going to be enjoyable even at times when I’m not that active on the blog.

I also got you a few new shirts. I got one with my logo and webadress that’s a little cheaper than the others, so maybe you wanna show your loyalty to the site and walk around advertising πŸ˜›

See you soon!


I spent some time with the google rorschach doodle and saved some of my favorites for you. Prepare to be enlightened πŸ˜‰

I wonder if it gets more difficult to draw conclusions from rorschach-tests when your subject is very creative or if it gets easier…


Also it is very hard to find a good staircase for filming in Munich. If you know any long, narrow and/or dark staircases I can easily access please send an E-Mail.

Bumper Car

I wanted to take pictures of an empty funfair for what feels like an eternity now. Somehow I always miss it when there is one or I get there at the wrong time, or – in one case – I only have my old compact camera with me. I just can’t seem to do it. I know it’s a full month late but I’ve been to the Oktoberfest in the hope of getting a few fotos there. I live in Munich for about three years now and I’ve never before been to the Oktoberfest, so I didn’t know that while the beer tents close at 11pm (which I’ve read) the rides stay open much longer. Again no deserted funfair for me. Anyway, I took a lot of pictures of drunk folks, had a reasonable amount of fun and actually got a few fotos that are half decent.



Well then, I guess I’ll be off to film some stairs for a music video and maybe catch a screening of 00 Schneider. I hope to see you again much sooner this time…

Learning to scribble

I always envy people when they doodle something. People do it while they’re on the phone, they did it back in school on the corners of their notebooks, they do it basically every time they’re bored and have pen and paper within reach. I don’t. Because I cannot. I am unable to draw something I did not plan beforehand. That especially sucks because I really like the organic, grown look of such scribbles. So I at least tried to emulate that kind of style. I cut a piece of linoleum to show a doodle-like ornament I could decorate my future letters with and I must say I’m quite satisfied with the result. So satisfied, in fact, that I made you a wallpaper off of one of the prints.



The Back of Munich Pt.2

Simply two more fotos to keep you somewhat entertained here πŸ˜‰



If anyone has an idea what story led to the motive of the second foto please EMail me. I’d love to hear it…

The Back of Munich

These days I try to take pictures of as much of Munich as I can but especially of things and places tourists don’t normally see or go visit (today I got a few nice shots of the sewage plant in Großlappen). There will be a collection on the site eventually but for now I’ll share these two favorites



Stay tuned for more cool, unusual and weird views of Munich.