Stories and pictures

I love books. I always wanted to write one but I’m never quite satisfied with my prose writings. It seems I need the construct of verses to write something good. Too bad nobody reads poems anymore. Guess I’ll just keep practising until I finally reach a level of quality in my writing I can live with…

In the meantime I’ve come up with two other ideas to satisfy my urge to produce something I can print and bind in a nice hardcover volume:

1. Illustrating! I’m working on illustrations for my favorite stories and poems which are -lucky for me- most all in the public domain by now, so when I finish one book or perhaps some shorter things from one specific author I might be able to print a few copies for collectors sake. Assuming I can find the money to pull this stunt.

2. Well, … , let me put it like that: Something that does not require my writing to be good. You know what, I’ll simply show you. I should have some preview material ready by the end of next week. We’ll talk about that project then.

Anyway, speaking of illustrations and stuff, yesterday I got to illustrate a short story which I hope I can post here soon. I’ll have to wait for the authors approval though. Until then!