Unfinished beauty

Today I’ll share something strange with you, something I usually don’t do. A picture of an unfinished painting.

I was painting last night and one time when I came back into the room after cleaning one of my brushes I looked at the picture and decided to take a foto. I don’t really know what it is about this empty, unfinished painting I find so appealing. If you ever played Silent Hill maybe you understand. It’s unfamiliar and disgusting and that’s why I like it. Today I’ll decide if I finish it the way it was meant to be or keep it like it is and start over for what I initially wanted to paint.

Some of you might have noticed I forgot to mention the new T-Shirts being ready. Well, they’ve been up for about a week now, but here’s your official notification. I added three Plaguedoctor motives and am currently working on two more. You might have seen the guy in my pictures where he’s kind of my straight man.

Also I’m still working on the “stuff you can buy” section. If I can’t decide what to do with the painting I might use the time of contemplation to get that up and running, so maybe see you later.