Wash & Dry

I was walking home from the subway station when I saw something I’ve never seen before: People washing at the local laundrette. I had to take a picture with my cellphone. Believe it or not, I didn’t think I’d ever see that. I always had laundrettes as the very picture of a lonely place in my mind and so it was such a Hopper moment for me to see those people that night. Unfortunately my cellphones cam doesn’t work for shit in low light conditions so the picture I took was simply not presentable. That’s why today I dragged two of my buddies out to the laundrette to reenact the scene for you.

You might have noticed the new image in the header. That one is a less successful try to capture something I’ve seen in the past. Years ago I saw a birch tree with red and yellow leaves and dark storm clouds in the background. Above me the sun was shining bright and when the wind shook the tree it looked like it was burning. I’ve been looking to see that again ever since and the picture I show you here is merely a springboard for your imagination.